7 Ways Shy Guys Stylishly Express Their Feelings To Their Crush



Their some ways shy guys stylishly use to express their feelings to their crush.

They’re afraid of telling their crush face to face that he loves her.Their only fear is that “What if she slaps me infront of people”.*Lol*

Well, I’m not saying it’s every shy guys that do all these buh most of them.

1. Writing Her Love Letters

Almost every shy guys do this whether at teens age or not.They do write love letters and intentionally put it in her bag or textbook they actually know she’ll see it.They don’t mind paying for writing love letters to whom help them.

2. Through Social Media Chats

Shy guys are strong at talking to their crush on social media buh very shy at talking to her face face.They do make use of social media chats to stylishly express their feelings to their crush.They prefer social media toasting than face face stuffs to avoid getting a slap…”That’s what they think”.

3. Sending Her Lots Of Recharge Cards

If you notice a guy sending you recharge cards simultaneously, don’t think because you’re his friend.That’s the way of him saying he loves you.They do send recharge cards simultaneously to their crush so that she might be conscious of his feelings towards her.

4. Helping Her To Do Her Assignment/Project

They don’t care about the money or time that it might consume to help her do her assignment or project.No random guy will just walk into you and say “lemme help you with your project”…

5. Turn Themselves Into MTN Network

They monitor and guard you wherever you go.They want to make sure you aint seeing any guy or else you will see jealousy filled their eyes.No guy will say he want to follow you around.Even when their crush is going to Toilet, they don’t mind going to…*Na lie?*

6. Frequent Calls And Text Messages

They don’t mind calling you twenty times a day just to say “how do you do”.They don’t say more than that.Even if their crush ask them to say their motives for calling, they will say…”I just want to ask if you doing good”… Chai!

7. Complimenting Every Little Thing About Their Crush

They do compliment their crush for every little thing about them everyday.From nice dress to nice shoe, to nice earrings.Even sometimes, their crush will say..”Haba.. Are you a girl”.. I pity him, the day he will say “Nice Bra”… *Lmao*

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